Monday, March 3, 2008

Madison is Getting Teeth!!!!

I will put a picture on here too, but I just had to put on here that Madison is getting her 2 bottom front teeth in. They have been coming in since Feb. 16th, and it is sooo cute. I know I am sure I have already told everyone this, but Jonathan and I are so thankful to have such a wonderful and incredibly sweet daughter. She has been a true champ through these teeth coming through, and it has given us the opportunity to really see her personality, which we love!!! When she is not feeling great, she turns into the biggest cuddler, which we cannot get enough of. She like to even grab me by the hair and pull my face to hers for a big kiss (only Mommy gets these). There is nothing better than having the head of your incredible daughter resting against your cheek. It is times like these that make you realize how blessed you truly are!!


Jose&Krystal said...

Cute! I love your blog:) Can you picture Madison with a mouthful of teeth?! fun stuff!

Ellis Family said...

Oh the teeth! It seems so strange for them to have teeth, but at the same time so normal... I hope she hasn't been too fussy!

Jonathan, Alicia and Madison